The concept of the structure of the house embodies the principals of and demonstrates the value of twelve step recovery through required resident attendance at 12 step meetings and interaction with their sponsors, family involvement, daily interactions with fellow residents in peer groups and meetings, house staff, and a fraternal support group of sober peer mentors that have successfully completed our suggested 12-18 month process themselves.


Daily resident activities include:

  1. Morning meditation
  2. Peer groups to discuss issues related to recovery, career skills and other life skills needed to live a sober life
  3. Maintenance of their individual and collective living space through rotating chores to ensure residents are responsible themselves for their living environment and aid in re-building self-esteem.  
  4. Residents cook their own meals and fund their own living supplies, food and beverage needs through their monthly rent.
  5. Residents are encouraged daily to attend 12 step meetings, call their sponsors and support group
  6. Residents are provided time during the day to attend outside counseling services as needed.
  7. Residents are provided time to do step work assigned to them by their 12 step program sponsors.
  8. Free time is provided for residents
  9. Family dinner provides a forum for residents to discuss issues that have come up for them during the day and to bond with other residents.


Additionally, weekly activities like resident day trips and activities like softball, movies, seeing visitors and family are encouraged to foster meaningful relationships with fellow residents and those that support their recovery process.


Alumni, who have returned back to their communities and their families as productive members of society, are a vital part of the Awaken Recovery sober living environment support system and have strong convictions about giving back what was so freely given to them as they know the only way to keep their sobriety is to give it away to the next generation.


Any treatment, counseling or education services under an IOP or individual therapy requiring a license in the State of California will be a referral and not contracted directly by Awakening Recovery.  Awakening will cooperate and communicate with these service providers as needed to support the services they are providing.

Residents are offered resources to develop their career skills and encouraged to find work once the initial foundation of recovery has taken hold.  These practical and spiritual building blocks of recovery are crucial precursors to prepare residents for the daily rigors of the workplace, equipping them with tools to successfully navigate through triggers that would normally lead them to relapse and bring those issues back to their support group in the house.